How to sell photos on istock tips

Posted by PhotoStockEditor

For sell you images on istock / Getty images you need apply as contributor, first need submit you application tell about youself. Next you need submit you best pics in high resolution and wait for your evaluation. Read on and I'll show you some tips on how to sell photos on istock

Selling stock photos tips

Fail images submitted to us for a number of reasons; below we give you some tips to take into account to pass without problems the quality control of istock. 

  • Use a reflex camera that has a min of 6 megapixels and please do not resize your images.
  • Scratches or sensor dust: check for Small dark circles or marks, noticeable in areas of flat colour such as skies
  • Camera shake: Blurred or soft image giving the impression that the camera moved when the photo was taken
  • Color rendition should be smooth, with depth and a photographic quality, and not look posterized.
  • There should be a smooth transition of color information in shadow and highlight areas. Any kind of blocking or color banding is unacceptable.
  • Grain structure should not be exaggerated, excessive or distorted—the quality of scanning equipment plays an important role in accurately recording grain structure.
  • Out of focus: No point of focus, or out of focus when we feel it’s not artistically intended to be

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