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The evolution and low cost of digital reflex cameras has made possible the emergence of sites aimed at satisfying the supply and demand of audiovisual material. These places are called image banks, where professional and amateur photographers from all over the world can contribute by selling their works, helping thousands of users to find the perfect image to illustrate their projects.


In this article we will talk about, a site that can be extremely useful to let your creativity flow and give life to your ideas.




Shutterstock is a Photo Bank created in 2003 by Jon Oringer, an amateur photographer. Jon noticed that in the market there was a great demand for digital photos free of rights and that is why he decided to create a platform using his own photographs at first.


His idea was to offer users images of excellent quality for a very accessible monthly subscription. His venture turned into a commercial success in a very short time. Currently, shutterstok has become one of the most important image bank companies in the world and is in charge of providing audiovisual material to internationally recognized brands such as NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, MARVEL, FOX, Turner, McCANN, among others.


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How Shutterstock works

The Shutterstocks website is translated into 15 languages and has more than 70 million images and a huge collection of videos and audios.


To be able to use shuttertock you must register through a simple form in which you will have to provide your personal information (full name, country of residence and address), an email address and choose a username and password.


When you have finished with the registration, you will be able to log in and start searching among the huge amount of audiovisual material, the one that best suits your needs.


Registration is always free, however to download any image, audio or video you must pay a subscription, the amount will vary according to the amount and content of your interest.


However, if you want to use the site to market your artwork, then you will not have to pay any amount.




As we mentioned before, all the shutter stock content is divided into three categories: images, videos and audios.

The images in turn are divided into three subcategories: photos, editorials and vectors.


Through Internet you can access millions of free photos but most of them are of low quality and a bad photo can ruin your project.


On the contrary, in shuttertock you have the peace of mind that all the images are of excellent quality. In addition, you can stimulate your imagination and activate your ideas by observing the work of thousands of talented artists.


The photographs are divided by themes with the aim of facilitating the search for the perfect image for its users.


The themes are the following: abstract; animals and nature; ancient; art; beauty and fashion; celebrities; food and drink; famous buildings and places; interiors; finance; symbols; sports and people, among others.


Shutterstock Pricing


You can download the images of shuttertsock by paying one of the three available plans. It should be noted that any of these plans is useful for downloading photos, vectors and editorials.


Basic plan

Through this plan you can download 5 images at only $ 49, or choose the basic plan of 25 images at $ 229.


Professional plan

You can subscribe to the professional plan for a year or for a month.


Professional plan for one year


755 images for a special price of $ 199 per month (this plan allows you to save 20%).

Or if you need fewer photographs, you can choose 350 images for $ 169 per month.

Professional plan for one month


If you decide to try the professional plan for a month you can download 750 photographs for $ 249.

Or download 350 photos for $ 199


If you know colleagues, partners or friends who also need good quality photos, then this plan is ideal for you. The system is simple, you form a team and you share the expenses.


This plan allows you to download 750 monthly images during a whole year and the amount that you will have to pay will vary according to the number of people that make up the group.


299 $ monthly if the group is made up of 2 users.

399 $ monthly if the group is made up of 3 users.

$ 499 monthly if the group is made up of 2 or more users.

The payment method is through a credit card, they accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club, Discover and JCB. You can also pay by check or bank transfer but this option is only available in some countries.

The standard use license of Shutterstock enables you to use the images in:


Blog and web pages.

Advertisements in lines.

Social networks.

Electronic publications

In videos for Youtube channels, Vimeo, etc.

Printed physically on product labels, cards, posters and any other physical medium intended for advertising.

In magazines books and newspapers.

To illustrate non-commercial personal projects.

You will not be able to use the content of shutterstck in adult or pornographic content; to promote articles for smokers; in places where violence or criminal activities are promoted, or to promote, support or support any party or political ideology.


You can also find vectors within the category of images. The difference between a photograph and a vector image is that the latter is formed from geometric objects while the photograph is made up of pixels. For this reason, vector images can be extended, moved and stretched in a simple way without losing quality.


Within this subcategory you will find: infographics, backgrounds, patterns, banners, logos, icons, web templates and arrows.



The stockshutter editorial images that are normally used in newspapers, magazines and blogs to illustrate some current event related to the world of culture, sports and entertainment.


The uses of editorial images have some restrictions since these photographs can not be used for commercial or advertising purposes.


The "editorial" category of the site is divided into three themes so you can perform a quicker and more effective search. The themes are: popular, relevance and undiscovered.




In stock shutters you can also find excellent videos that will help you give a special touch to any artistic, personal or commercial project


The videos have an approximate duration of between 9 seconds and 1 minute and cover a wide variety of topics such as animation, animals, nature, cities, art, people and food, among others.


In order to download videos, you must pay one of the three available plans:


For $ 79 you can download 107.6 MB of high definition videos (HD) in MJPEG format.

For $ 49 you can download 8.6 MB of SD (standard definition) videos in MOV format.

For $ 19 you will be able to download 3.2 MB of Web videos in MOV format.


We all know that getting music free of rights to incorporate into any project can be a real headache. But, in Shutterstock you can access hundreds of high quality audio.


The songs are downloaded in 16-bit WAV and cover a wide variety of rhythms such as blues, children, chill out, classic, corporate, electronic, romantic, mysterious, etc.


There are two types of plans to access these wonderful topics:


Standard license for $ 49

Improved $ 419 license

Now you know! Shutterstock can become a great ally of your commercial or creative activity and also keep in mind that by just subscribing to your website you can download high quality photos and vectors every week.

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