what are stock photos?

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Stock photography is a way for photographers to market their images, vectors and videos. Photographer retains possession of copyright and grants the use of photography to the buyer by a wide variety of licenses.

The companies that are dedicated to commercialize stock photographs work by volume, a large number of photographers send their snapshots through their Internet connection.

Then Stock photos are images, vectors and videos that anyone can license for creative use.

Stock photos types?

There are three main styles, each with different license rules:

  • Royalty-Free
  • Right Managed
  • Public Domain
Royalty-free: these stock photos can be used multiple times after purchasing the license, with no time limit to exercise such use. Unlike images with managed rights, there is no right to exclusivity - with a royalty-free photo. Generally, the number of times a particular image can be used  is determined in the license and is called a "print run."

Rights managed: according to use, exclusivity, image size and other useful factors, these licensed photos have a fluctuating value in the market. If the buyer wants exclusivity, an image can be licensed with the agreement that another entity will not use the image for competitive reasons.

Public domain: these photos can be used for any purpose, without buying a license. There is no limit to how many times a person can use a public domain image.

Who can sell stock photos?

Anyone! Each stock photography site seeks to fill in different gaps in its content. Before sending your entire portfolio, observe your guidelines to succeed. For example, Shutterstock discovered that shoppers love photos that show local cultures, cover a previously unexplored niche and leave enough space for the text.
When doing so, try to put yourself in the place of the buyer, since they will be those who look for the perfect photo. With words intelligently chosen that describe the theme, color, emotion and abstract concepts of the image, you will have many more sales.

stock photos vs hiring  photographer?

RF photography is a much more inexpensive option; In addition, it knows exactly how many images you will get and can be downloaded instantly. Hiring a photographer may make sense for an extremely specific project or to cover an event for the first time, but stock photos have clear advantages.

Tips for Better Stock Photos 

Keep it authentic and natural: We are constantly asked for images of people that look authentic. Please try to avoid stiff poses and forced smiles. Instead capture genuine interactions and moments between models whenever possible.

Keep it up-to-date: Outfits, equipment and technology need to reflect current trends and fashions. Use the highest production quality you possibly can.

The legal stuff: Be sure to check site locations for commercial shoot policies, and acquire the correct releases wherever necessary and remember that model releases are required for all models.

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What kind of stock images sell?


Family Life

  • young families and older families with teens
  • at home both indoors at out; on vacation; at a park
  • using technology; eating and preparing meals; parents helping kids doing
  • school work;

Urban Living

  • business people, couples, singles, families – range of ages
  • at sidewalk cafés, in shopping districts and at markets
  • park scenes
  • nightlife
  • using public transportation – not just for business commuting but also for
  • errands, etc
  • city views, skylines as well as sights and street scenes

 Holidays & Celebrations - with local flair!

  • birthday parties - gift giving, opening gifts, reading cards. “Balada,”
  • brigadeiro, BBQ, balloons, etc.
  • religious rites and celebrations around them; baptism, first communion, etc
  • weddings

Business & Finance

Make sure to take advantage of regional locations by using backgrounds, landmarks, and neighborhoods incidentally in the shots.

At the Office

  • adults all ages; individuals and groups; all situations; in suits and business casual
  • modern office environments as well as hip loft-like spaces with older architecture typical to a location (i.e. Buenos Aires)
  • corporate as well as small businesses
  • using technology (must be current!)
  • power lunches; coffee or water breaks
  • meetings and presentations
  • interviewing for a job
  • mentoring
  • environmental portraits
  • employee receiving an incentive, reward, award, or gift

Powerful Women in the Workplace

  • ages 30 – 50
  • leading meetings and giving presentations
  • interacting in the office
  • using technology
  • executive-style portrait
  • mentoring
  • celebrating a victory
  • multi-tasking

Work-Life Balance

  • men and women 30-50
  • off to the gym at lunch
  • healthy snacks/lunch at desk
  • trying balance family and work (working at home)