how to make money with stock photography

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Microstock Contributor is the answer to how to make money with photography.
Before in the analogue era stock photography was a boom, advertising agencies could buy an image for their advertising campaigns without the need to invest huge amounts of money to send photographers to make the shots. Instead of this there were banks of images where one could look for the most representative images for your campaign at a budget commensurate with it.
With the creation of digital cameras and then telephones with great cameras, the supply of stock images went up and obviously the value of each low image.

This is why today it is a little harder for the stock photographer to be able to get a decent salary but not impossible.

Thanks to the microstock, and to the sale by volume the photographers can sell their images there. The process is very simple, requires a simple approval and then it is up to the photographer to create an elegant and quality portfolio so that their income is better.

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