Microstock keywording tips

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Keywording is a most crucial part of your workflow as a photostock contributor of any cheap stock photo site.
Not enough just to have a good image, you also need a good SEO photostock, and this requires captioned your photos stock the right way.

Headline & Captions requirements

Good headlines and captions only serve to increase image salability and are absolutely crucial in several customer market segments. Please keep this in mind when preparing your submissions.

  • Use a mixture of upper and lower case letters, numerals and basic punctuation. Do not use ALL CAPITALS, nonstandard or special characters.
  • Each Headline should be a concise but detailed description of the image. It may include:
    • Location
    • Photographic techniques:
    • Focus: defocused, soft focus, differential focus
    • Photo Types: (B&W or color), cross-processed, B&W, grainy, negative
    • Photostock Manipulation: toned (B&W, tone, red tone, etc.)
    • Techniques: polarized, transfer image, paper negative, textured, painterly, high contrast B&W, distressed, composite, contact sheet, multiple exposure, blurred motion, zoom effect, long exposure, brightly lit, video still, photogram, high key, pinhole camera, alternative effect
    • Lens Effects: wide-angle, fish-eye, lens flar.
    • Scientific Terms (Latin names) for plants/wildlife/scientific images.

  • Caption is Headline similar but provide the customer with more in-depth information about the image.
  • Examples:
    • Headline: A white rhinoceros rises from a water hole to nurse her baby.
    • Caption: Rhinoceroses are mostly solitary animals, although a mother will stay near her most recent offspring until the next offspring is born.

Brasic Keywording

Ensure that all essential, relevant elements of the image or clip are described as keywords. This typically includes people or animal keywording, actions, settings, locations, descriptions and thematic elements. Consider the key elements in the image. For example, what keywords would be important to add so that customers can easily find the image? What / who is the focus of the image? What terms can be used to describe what is visible and pertinent? Where is the image set? Is there an action visible in the asset?

Who/what is in the image? One Person, Child, One Animal, German Shepherd, Dog
Where is the image set? Outdoors, garden
Is there visible action? hugging, posing, looking at the camera
Other pertinent descriptive terms? green leaves, Focus on Foreground
Concepts? Childhood, Pets, Enjoyment, Friendship, love

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