Top Dollar Photo Club Alternative after closed

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If you've been buying royalty-free photos online for a while (or if you asked someone who did) you've probably heard of Dollar Photo Club, maybe you've even been a customer of this service. Dollar Photo Club was a very good deal on cheap photos, but was discontinued in 2016. Since then, many buyers are looking for similar alternatives to get the images they need. And here we bring you the best of all options:

What Was Dollar Photo Club?

Dollar Photo Club was a royalty free photo service created and offered by the popular image bank Fotolia - now owned by Adobe. This service offered stock photos at $1 each (hence its name), from a collection that included about 20 million images from Fotolia's main library. At the time, it was the lowest price for stock photos in small quantities.

Dollar Photo Club sold the photos in plans that started at 10 images per month. But no doubt their most popular subscription was the one that offered 100 photos per year for $99. That plan was much more flexible, and certainly very cheap.

But, unfortunately, that offer is no longer available. Fotolia announced the definitive closing of its Dollar Photo Club in April 2016, a few months after it was acquired by Adobe.

Since then, many of those who were customers of that service, and many others who also need a way to buy cheap professional photos without investing too much, are looking for a system similar to the now defunct Dollar Photo Club.

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