1039163636istockphoto Lightning bolt strikes from a storm cloud at sunset. 1039163636
1039163636istockphoto Monsoon storm clouds with rain in the desert 1162425593
1039163636istockphoto Lightning storm at sunset 1163004304
1039163636istockphoto Thunderstorm with lightning bolt strike over Sedona, Arizona. 1173450188
1039163636istockphoto Colorful sunset sky with rain and lightning 1143841946
1039163636istockphoto Lightning strike at sunset 1142433893
1039163636istockphoto Thunderstorm with lightning and sunset 1006066578
1039163636istockphoto A severe, dramatic looking thunderstorm rumbles close to Black Mesa Nature Preserve at the border of Oklahoma and New Mexico. 1147356992
1039163636istockphoto Lightning bolt strike in a storm at sunset. 1133727678
1039163636istockphoto Lightning in dark storm 1165623108
1039163636istockphoto Lightning at sunset 838370808
1039163636istockphoto Thunderstorm with lightning strike 1169240433
1039163636istockphoto Lightning bolt strike from a storm at sunset 1172798117
1039163636istockphoto Lightning Rainbow Sunset Thunderstorm 182907579
1039163636istockphoto Thunderstorm clouds at Sunset 638590280
1039163636istockphoto Dramatic storm clouds over the transylvanian landscape. 1091435604
1039163636istockphoto Lightning bolt from a thunderstorm 1176377056
1039163636istockphoto Dark, turbulent, stormy sky at sunset in South Dakota 992699126
1039163636istockphoto Thunderclouds. 1144308349
1039163636istockphoto Sunset lightning storm with pink sky 841336786
1039163636istockphoto Storm clouds 1033886900
1039163636istockphoto Green colored summer thunderstorm near Utrecht, Holland 1158680874
1039163636istockphoto Sunset storm front lightening 1129076308
1039163636istockphoto A supercell thunderstorm updraft over the high plains at the border of Oklahoma and New Mexico 1147821191
1039163636istockphoto Lake Pichola and Monsoon Clouds. 988100044
1039163636istockphoto Lightning storm at sunset 674714358
1039163636istockphoto Isolated storm over the dutch countryside at sunset 1126678383
1039163636istockphoto Lightning at sunset during a monsoon thunderstorm 913255684
1039163636istockphoto Lightning 1167031855
1039163636istockphoto Thunderstorm lightning strikes at sunset 1128562192