istock Guilty Delivery Man 115872043
istock Sorry Delivery Man 115872047
istock Apologetic Delivery Man 115872005
istock Oooops! 115872046
istock Evil Delivery Man 115872486
istock Delivery Man In Denial 115872037
istock Angry Customer 115872060
istock Bad Intentions 115872017
istock Confused Customer 115872038
istock Man holding damaged postal parcel box 537607348
istock Dissatisfied Customer 115872042
istock young delivery man fragile box damaged hand holding package broken wearing orange uniform shocked face isolated on white background 1143913645
istock Bad Parcel Delivery 1070698930
istock Bad Parcel Delivery 1070698920
istock Bad Parcel Delivery 1070698922
istock Bad Parcel Delivery 1070698908
istock Two young people looking surprised into a carton box 1006582000
istock a young woman opens a box with a broken shipment 1168549049
istock Confused customers dissatisfied with delivered parcel, view from 916126672
istock Angry african woman unpack carton box feels irritated 1163367422
istock woman near Christmas tree pulling out broken dish from parcel 1059144984
istock Disappointed shocked african woman open cardboard box receive bad parcel 1162624195
istock woman near Christmas tree looking at broken dish from parcel 1059124706
istock unhappy woman with broken dish from parcel near Christmas tree 1059144722
istock unhappy young housewife pulling out broken dish from parcel 1059145044
istock How did my package end up like that? 1132309868
istock Confused client received wrong or damaged item. 1177334856
istock woman near Christmas tree pulling out broken dish from parcel 1059144718
istock sad modern woman near cardboard box with broken dish on blue 1129170633
istock Young Asian women shop online  are stressed . After customers claim products 1154435857