187928332istockphoto Overworked and stressed! 187928332
187928332istockphoto Trabajar demasiado y sometidas a tensión. 986028838
187928332istockphoto Portrait of rage crazy director aggressive angry boss overload secretary screaming loud with violence throwing flying lists having hard day tired from routine sitting in modern office 976594812
187928332istockphoto Businesswoman throwing paperwork in the air 457394489
187928332istockphoto Woman screaming into phone receiver 501386572
187928332istockphoto Anger on the job 618608238
187928332istockphoto Bad mood. Young angry mulatto businesswoman is casual clothes and glasses is tired from work in the office, crumpling papers and yelling at the laptop 939684358
187928332istockphoto Young angry woman is tired from work in the office 1139030355
187928332istockphoto People person contract documents handset employment problem staff corporate executive concept. Unhappy sad upset irritated annoyed depressed troubled secretary crumpling paper yelling in telephone 932987494
187928332istockphoto Paperwork Sucks 172386222
187928332istockphoto Frustrated Business Woman 858232356
187928332istockphoto Shocked businesswoman 986556098
187928332istockphoto Shocked businesswoman 986535288
187928332istockphoto Overworked young businesswoman screams in frustration, anger and despair 155276778
187928332istockphoto Portrait of angry annoyed executive overload nervous secretary tearing paper with violence having computer laptop on the table sitting in modern workstation 976594476
187928332istockphoto furious businesswoman screaming on mobile with document in hand 658864382
187928332istockphoto angry businesswoman shouting on phone with document in hand 658864186
187928332istockphoto Frustration 494539009
187928332istockphoto Angry businesswoman throwing documents in office 1186532311
187928332istockphoto Overworked young blonde office worker shouts in angry frustration 1146008520
187928332istockphoto Dangerous business woman 184686672
187928332istockphoto Portrait of angry violent financier in casual outfit throwing away documents yelling cruelly tired from routine sitting at desk. Education study university concept 979006376
187928332istockphoto Throwing Papers 1157124086
187928332istockphoto Anger on the job 618979668
187928332istockphoto Businesswoman had enough 641402070
187928332istockphoto Businesswoman had enough 641402028
187928332istockphoto Businesswoman had enough 641402024
187928332istockphoto Businesswoman had enough 641402026
187928332istockphoto Angry stressed office worker overloaded with paperwork 1187468640