511679304istockphoto I think I’m getting the hang of this 511679304
511679304istockphoto It’s never too late to learn a new skill 511679274
511679304istockphoto We'll add this to our photo album 1183931630
511679304istockphoto True love never grows old 1183929173
511679304istockphoto Senior couple making a selfie 1183929911
511679304istockphoto Pottery is their favorite pastime 1183931461
511679304istockphoto Capturing moments worth remembering 1183931713
511679304istockphoto Capturing their golden years 1183929995
511679304istockphoto Joyful moments 1183930009
511679304istockphoto Grey and still going 1183931333
511679304istockphoto Handmade by me 511679612
511679304istockphoto Learning a new skill is so much fun 511680166
511679304istockphoto True love never grows old 512692268
511679304istockphoto Now we have more time to do things we love 512692056
511679304istockphoto Two hearts, one love 1183608200
511679304istockphoto Their love grows more precious as time goes by 1183608420
511679304istockphoto Enjoying a long quiet life together 1183608242
511679304istockphoto Senior couple at their work place 1183606954
511679304istockphoto Pottering around in the workshop 512692126
511679304istockphoto They’re a couple of crafters 512692250
511679304istockphoto Their love of clay brought them closer 512692236
511679304istockphoto The internet is a great place to find creative inspiration 511679428
511679304istockphoto Turning our pastime into a profit 511679416
511679304istockphoto Spending our retirement doing what we love 511679366
511679304istockphoto Looking for pottery ideas online 511679594
511679304istockphoto We should sell our pottery on this site 511679538
511679304istockphoto I just love working with my hands 511680276
511679304istockphoto We found a new hobby 512692186
511679304istockphoto Making my retirement a crafty one 511680278
511679304istockphoto Living life on love and creativity 512692110