516607254istockphoto Top view of team on building construction 516607254
516607254istockphoto Site manager pointing on place of future building 516598000
516607254istockphoto Young architect give suggestion to colleagues 516608844
516607254istockphoto Young workers checking blue print at building place 516609198
516607254istockphoto Expert architect team studying plan on open air 516608264
516607254istockphoto Architects planning together future building 516604956
516607254istockphoto Team of architects looking plan at site 516608372
516607254istockphoto Portrait of young student of architecture posing 516606746
516607254istockphoto Construction engineers checking blue print at building place 516609092
516607254istockphoto Top view of architects check blue print 516595460
516607254istockphoto Architect and investiture make deal 516605348
516607254istockphoto Architect and construction worker look blue print 516605178
516607254istockphoto Team of experts studying blue print at construction site 516596152
516607254istockphoto View of construction in progress with group of architects 516607408
516607254istockphoto Architect with supervisor of the construction site show place of 516599000
516607254istockphoto Monitoring group at building construction show place of building 516607536
516607254istockphoto Engineers and architects working together 516555374
516607254istockphoto Monitoring team on open air building construction 516597514
516607254istockphoto Male architect and his partner planning future building 516607674
516607254istockphoto Male architects show building place to colleague 516596784
516607254istockphoto Architect and investiture handshaking on construction site 516555798
516607254istockphoto Young engineer team show building place as planned 516596336
516607254istockphoto Architect visualizing future building 516556120
516607254istockphoto Top view of hard hats of architects at construction site 516595704
516607254istockphoto Investor and architect making agreement 516599272
516607254istockphoto Architect look at blue print 516605644
516607254istockphoto Architects looking at blue print outdoor 516597770
516607254istockphoto Architect and investiture consider possibilities at site 516555644
516607254istockphoto Architect and worker in building construction 516609468
516607254istockphoto Architect design architectural solution 516556246