istock Does anyone have any questions? 602323380
istock Leading the team through his business plan 597639824
istock He's a man with a plan for the company 612387392
istock Passing on his expertise to the team 533719008
istock Making his presentation to the team 533719118
istock Pitching his ideas to the team 536744240
istock Presenting his ideas to the group 579749574
istock Talking through the team's ideas 597639980
istock Exchanging ideas with his team 640232904
istock The company's idea people of the in action 612387460
istock His coworkers respect his opinions 536743858
istock He always brings new ideas to meetings 640233238
istock You have my attention 536741736
istock Businesswoman sharing ideas in conference room meeting 1149306412
istock He's got some important points to add 533719062
istock Businessman giving presentation in modern co-working space 1160029269
istock Talking things out as a team 533719612
istock Laying his plans on the table 612387400
istock Laying out his plan 602323364
istock Talking strategy with his team 533719326
istock Your ideas are very intriguing 536743132
istock Another productive meeting in progress 533719332
istock They share a great working relationship 612387410
istock Exchanging ideas in the office 512896994
istock Enjoying some office banter 533719412
istock Business people in Board Room 495452090
istock She has his full attention... 533719502
istock Making decisions in the boardroom 533719568
istock There's always time for an impromptu meeting 533718906
istock Catching up before the meeting 533719082

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