istock Gray is the new black 609699356
istock I've matured into the man I want to be 609698834
istock In a world full of guys he’s a man 609697496
istock The gray years? More like the platinum years 609698448
istock Getting older is serious business 609698360
istock I dominated the business world 609696404
istock Business can be tough, but so am I 609696730
istock Business man texting on his phone 896749182
istock Let's arrange another meeting 896737918
istock Business man on his lunch-break 896735364
istock Businessman arranging meetings on tablet 896742494
istock Businessman arranging scrolling through his mail on the tablet 896738568
istock Mature businessman multitasking while taking a lunch break in the city 896741194
istock Well-dressed man enjoying his free time on the bridge 896749366
istock Getting some fresh air after a long meeting 896738190
istock Successful middle age businessman arranging meetings on his phone 896735080
istock Success doesn't come easy 896741018
istock Business is my way of life 896748934
istock Assured call handler 896750452
istock Last checking on the mail and I'm ready for the meeting 896742258
istock Businessman arranging meetings on tablet during his lunch-break 896749738
istock We have to make this business a success! 896737738
istock Smiling man talking on cellphone 896737562
istock Successful man talking to his employees 896738840
istock Man in a suit walking towards his next meeting 896748572
istock Man in a suit typing an important mail 896741584
istock Hey, our finances are back on track! 896735196
istock You can't be successful without a little courage 896745970
istock Businessman walking in the city using mobile phone 896741840
istock Businessman traveling with a bag and mobile phone 896749536

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