istock Taking in the view from home 638765726
istock Reflecting on the day ahead 638765638
istock Taking a moment to reflect on her day 638765664
istock Coffee and a quiet moment 961897192
istock Home is where the coffee is 961897190
istock Coffee and quiet, nothing else needed 961897188
istock Taking time tor reflect 637884814
istock Lazy days are just better with some java 961897194
istock Where she does her best daydreaming 961897186
istock And now to enjoy the good life 841170746
istock Take a seat and a sip of coffee 961897184
istock Relaxation sponsored by coffee 961897182
istock More mocha, less stress 961897216
istock Drink tea and just be 961897208
istock Relaxing moments with a cup of mocha 961897202
istock Portrait of old mature lady sitting on couch and smiling 1158678757
istock There's nothing a good cup of tea can't solve 961897198
istock Sometimes tea solves everything 961897200
istock Quiet contemplation 637884784
istock Retirement - Leaving work behind and her worries behind 841170748
istock Time to sit back and enjoy retirement 841170768
istock What to do today? 961897116
istock Woman Having a Cup of Coffee 1161346910
istock Woman Having a Cup of Coffee 1161346961
istock Woman at home 1161346915
istock Woman Having a Cup of Coffee 1161346914
istock Woman Having a Cup of Coffee 1161346913
istock Woman at home 1161346954
istock What's coffee without a bit of contemplation 961897110
istock Enjoying a glass of wine with the view 637884786