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istock Male and female volunteers sort donations during food drive 862362468
istock Cute elementary age clothing drive volunteer 862362490
istock Multi-ethnic group of volunteers work at food bank. 1055189006
istock Team of volunteers receive donated items 513540998
istock Woman donates canned goods to charity 513245786
istock Woman donates bread loaf to food drive 513245674
istock Pretty woman volunteers at food and clothing drive 513244640
istock Food bank director accepts donations 827810168
istock Diverse group of female food bank volunteers 827810210
istock Happy diverse group of volunteers at food bank 472046961
istock Smiling volunteers at community food bank 462576891
istock Group of diverse females volunteer in food bank 827810194
istock Pretty teenager donates canned goods during community food drive 827810214
istock Senior food bank manager accepts food donations 827810192
istock Food bank manager helps volunteers pack food donations 827810176
istock Teen girls volunteering at food bank, receiving donated groceries 463257933
istock Teenage girl receives a donation from food bank 827810156
istock People drop off donated items at local food bank 827810158
istock Volunteers pack canned food in community food drive 510631614
istock Food bank director organizes volunteers during food drive 846635170
istock Friendly food bank director works with volunteers 827810190
istock Diverse volunteers packing boxes at food drive 510150986
istock Mid adult Hispanic man volunteers during food drive 827810230
istock Happy father and daughter volunteer in community food bank 827810162
istock Dad and daughter volunteer in local food bank 827810166
istock Father and daughter donate items during food drive 827810216
istock Male volunteer accepts food bank donations 827810236
istock Senior food bank manager talks with volunteers 844508406
istock Female friends volunteer together in food bank 844508408
istock Young Hispanic woman collecting cans during a food drive with diverse group of volunteers 1153754008

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