istock Children anxiety and depression concept 864541732
istock Psychologist talking with little boy 864541716
istock Adoption counselor and little boy 868923312
istock Worried mother comforting crying son 875266362
istock Child counselor during psychotherapy session 868923310
istock Mother and son relationship 868923346
istock Orphan boy and new mother 875266336
istock Family counselor helping young child 875266316
istock Emotion emoticons used by a psychologist during a therapy session with a child with an autism spectrum disorder. 1053433092
istock Speech therapist teaching a language an autistic child in an office 1020504438
istock Sad autistic boy and psychotherapist 843565774
istock Boy and teacher in classroom 843565788
istock Autistic child setting up blocks 907563158
istock Suffering child in dark room 901067976
istock A psychotherapist watching a child draw pictures with crayons during an evaluation in a private school. 1048781732
istock Speech Therapist During Private Language Lesson at Office 1149295967
istock An absent-minded kid looking to the side and not at his homework notebook during a lesson with a tutor. 1048781754
istock Suffering child in dark room 901067906
istock A happy child pronouncing a letter during speech therapy with a specialist. 1053433056
istock Counselor talking with worried boy 843565766
istock A bored child refusing to cooperate with his private teacher while doing homework. 1053433074
istock Smiling teacher and happy kid doing homework after classes 1040930850
istock Elementary-age boy holds up a fidget spinner 1126588881
istock Female speech therapist showing letter 872338676
istock A young child development therapist  working with a child to overcome his problems 1048781734
istock Boy doing exercises from workbook 843565814
istock bored girl alone in school yard 1172766507
istock A professional therapist making a diagnose of a withdrawn child  that is lying on the floor in a psychology office. 1011888364
istock Elementary-age boy holds up a fidget spinner 1124604438
istock Elementary-age boy walking to school and holding a fidget spinner 1124604443

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