istock She's has all the information they require 871604650
istock She's handling this presentation 871604642
istock Showing them what it all means 871604662
istock He's dropping some knowledge 871604646
istock Let me run you through all of this... 871604644
istock He's got their full attention 871604654
istock Is everyone following so far? 805054544
istock The best in the city 805054938
istock Hit me with some ideas 805054660
istock Did you guys hear what he said? 805054648
istock And that leads us to? 805054928
istock He enjoys giving these presentations 805054616
istock I'll open the floor to you 805054540
istock Can I just divert your attention for one second? 805054578
istock Yes, you had a question? 805054604
istock Now there's an idea! 805054624
istock This presentation is progressing positively 805054628
istock You bring up a very valid point 805054570
istock Have I got an idea for you 805054530
istock Making a clear point about their gameplan 858223546
istock We need to find a solution to this problem... 858223480
istock Sharing their thoughts as a team 858223492
istock Directing their focus to the main plan at hand 904049398
istock It's a plan to get us straight to our goals 678464912
istock Determined to make great things happen together 678464918
istock Meeting in session 805054680
istock This is our target market 805054668
istock Take a look right here 805054682
istock Let's talk strategy 500225310
istock Keeping her team aligned to their business goals 909472414

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