915192732istockphoto Getting ready to put it all together 915192732
915192732istockphoto His work is always flawless 915194024
915192732istockphoto Making sure it has a perfect finish 915193260
915192732istockphoto Nothing passes my eye 915193788
915192732istockphoto Prepping his wood 915193792
915192732istockphoto I put everything in when I work on a piece 915193810
915192732istockphoto I keep going until it's smooth enough 915193824
915192732istockphoto The right tools makes the job so much easier 915193806
915192732istockphoto His efforts will soon pay off 915193846
915192732istockphoto Putting this beauty together 915193818
915192732istockphoto This piece will be done in no time 915193814
915192732istockphoto Making sure the piece is perfect from top to bottom 915193862
915192732istockphoto Making sure the customer gets great quality 915193880
915192732istockphoto Treating his wood with care 915193892
915192732istockphoto You can make beautiful things out of wood 915193882
915192732istockphoto Using my hands and mind to make something with wood 915214926
915192732istockphoto Finishing of his latest project 915193868
915192732istockphoto He knows his way with wood 915193888
915192732istockphoto Shaping his wood to perfection 915214916
915192732istockphoto Shaping it just how he want it 915191862
915192732istockphoto Making sure he has a smooth surface 915192286
915192732istockphoto Making sure he delivers perfect work 915191756
915192732istockphoto Smoothing his wood 915192770
915192732istockphoto He knows how to work the machinery 915193950
915192732istockphoto Putting it all together 915193838
915192732istockphoto It's easy when you're working with quality wood 915193930
915192732istockphoto Cutting pieces for his latest design 915193946
915192732istockphoto You can't tell him anything about carpentry 915193954
915192732istockphoto Working on the finer details 915193958
915192732istockphoto Making sure he cuts it perfectly 915193980