istock That’s it, I’m done! 936117884
istock When willpower dies out 936117928
istock Everyone has their limit 936117920
istock Friday cannot come soon enough 936117926
istock Adulting is hard 936117958
istock Somebody get me out of here 964894284
istock How did I not see this deadline coming? 1022048280
istock I think that’s enough overtime for today 964894282
istock Time for a stress intervention 936117984
istock Nope, not happening 964894278
istock Deadlines, why do you do this to me? 1146064241
istock Work hit him like a ton of bricks 1006657784
istock Stress is costing him his productivity 1006657746
istock When did I lose my passion for this job? 1006657756
istock Could this day get any worse? 1006657744
istock Day to day business can be demanding 1006657748
istock Crisis alert 1006657794
istock That email we all dread getting 1006657776
istock When work stress turns into depression 1006657812
istock Why am I still here? 964894360
istock Maybe the escape key will get me outta here 964894352
istock Deadline's got me like... 1022048324
istock My bed would be so much better now 1146064234
istock He's lost his passion for his job 964894348
istock The spark has gone out of his career 964894336
istock Some days are really patience testing 1022048288
istock I'm losing my patience with these late nights 1146064226
istock I can't keep doing this 1178251069
istock Worried businessman sitting in office 1173331250
istock Worried businessman with head in hands because of bad news 1173332724