956725740istockphoto Senior female university professor teaches in casual setting 956725740
956725740istockphoto Young medical instructor sits in a circle with students 956725744
956725740istockphoto Senior mental health professional facilitates support group 962642012
956725740istockphoto Therapist facilitates support group 962642018
956725740istockphoto Young man discusses something during group therapy session 964284140
956725740istockphoto Young adult creative professionals discuss project in group 507972190
956725740istockphoto College student mentoring younger girl, meeting in library 509094578
956725740istockphoto Young woman in group therapy or support group 510148874
956725740istockphoto Senior businesswoman meets with colleagues 982800514
956725740istockphoto Adult students learning new approaches in education 947472126
956725740istockphoto Adult students solving math formula 947470596
956725740istockphoto Education for adults 947475142
956725740istockphoto Adult students debating 947470476
956725740istockphoto Adult students in lecture hall learning mathematics 947477594
956725740istockphoto Mature teacher teaching students at classroom 171273316
956725740istockphoto Serious young male medical instructor shares his expertise 956725754
956725740istockphoto Seminar for students, young asian woman asking question 481711226
956725740istockphoto Young businessman talks with colleagues 982800538
956725740istockphoto Woman discusses something in group therapy session 982800496
956725740istockphoto Group of people participate in support group 969143820
956725740istockphoto Cheerful senior woman enjoys studying with university classmates 962638128
956725740istockphoto Woman participates in group therapy session 969143852
956725740istockphoto Students at the lecture 534423911
956725740istockphoto Teacher and students in computer class 174498907
956725740istockphoto Hispanic teenage girl speaks to counselor in support group 508485484
956725740istockphoto Smiling businesswoman talking to colleagues in a meeting room 1157376044
956725740istockphoto Smiling businesswoman listening to colleagues at a meeting 1157376187
956725740istockphoto Business people working together 1157376156
956725740istockphoto College or high school student in group therapy session 509730384
956725740istockphoto Teenage Hispanic girl talks in group therapy 506917620