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istock Senior female university professor teaches in casual setting 956725740
istock Young woman in group therapy or support group 510148874
istock Hispanic teenage girl speaks to counselor in support group 508485484
istock Young adult creative professionals discuss project in group 507972190
istock Teenage Hispanic girl talks in group therapy 506917620
istock Emotional Asian woman talks in group therapy 506846100
istock Professional counselor in group therapy session 509349088
istock College or high school student in group therapy session 509730384
istock Young Asian woman talks in support group 510220404
istock College students participate in support group 506434794
istock Students at the lecture 534423911
istock Professional counselor talks with patient in group therapy 507972322
istock Diverse group of adults in support group 508485402
istock Student discusses bullying with school counselor 509730014
istock Diverse group of young adults in meeting or support group 499652884
istock Young Hispanic woman participates in support group 506846176
istock High school counselors listen to teenage girl in support group 507180004
istock Group of students discuss project progress in after school program 508814482
istock African American man comforts Asian woman in support group therapy 506917048
istock Hispanic college students in support group 507179900
istock School counselor talks with high school students about bullying 512494086
istock Young Asian woman expresses concern in support group 508209192
istock Asian woman talks in group therapy 509477652
istock Young medical instructor sits in a circle with students 956725744
istock College student mentoring younger girl, meeting in library 509094578
istock Closeup of human hand on unrecognizable person's shoulder 956725746
istock Therapist and teens in support group 511940340
istock High school student discusses problems in support group 509627888
istock Unrecognizable group therapy participant talks with hands 956725730
istock Highs chool students discuss project in after school program 509628260

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