istock Closeup of human hand on unrecognizable person's shoulder 956725746
istock Unrecognizable man comforts woman in therapy session 973984412
istock Depressed woman sitting with friends and therapist 1151144537
istock Senior mental health professional facilitates support group 1158332001
istock Asian woman comforts friend in support group 1158326796
istock Man comforts woman during counseling session 962642002
istock High angle view of young students and therapist 1149027772
istock Counselor comforts young man in support group 982800696
istock Mid adult counselor facilitates discussion group 982800676
istock Young woman gets emotional during group therapy 1137620259
istock Young woman shares emotional story in group therapy 1137620251
istock Woman is comforted during group therapy 1137620277
istock Young woman comforts friend during group therapy 982800628
istock Young woman laughs during group therapy 1142334506
istock Woman reaching to comfort friend during support group meeting 1065703472
istock Young woman receives shocking news during group therapy 1142334491
istock Hispanic woman smiling during support group therapy meeting 1049086992
istock Teenage boy explaining something in group meeting 483655847
istock Group Therapy. 175192286
istock Group of professional adults enjoying meeting together 171336541
istock Group of teenage girls talking with school counselor 974018466
istock I know it hurts and I'm here for you 843530334
istock Beautiful young woman explaining something during support group meeting 1065703448
istock Young woman smiles while talking during support group meeting 1065703446
istock Diverse women supporting each other during a support group meeting 1065703466
istock Woman receiving support from friends during group therapy 1065703460
istock Young woman upset while talking during support group therapy 1065703450
istock Directly above view of support group sitting in circle at therapy session and discussing problems of each other, black man consoling crying woman 1124270763
istock Teenage girl is comforted in group therapy 506903908
istock African American man comforts Asian woman in support group therapy 506917048